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Need help with BGStar™ products and accessories?

Where is BGStar™ product available?

  • The BGStar™ Blood Glucose Monitoring Device is available in selected pharmacies.
  • BGStar™ uses the same test strips available in pharmacies.

Where is the serial number located on my meter?

You’ll find it on the back of your device. It’s a code that is 14 characters long.

What is Dynamic Electrochemistry®?

Dynamic electrochemistry® is an innovative measurement system used in the BGStar™. It operates on the basis of a variable voltage and variable measuring time, which identifies certain interfering signals (e.g. due to hematocrit or temperature fluctuations) and corrects them with the help of innovative signal processing algorithms, in order to achieve a very high level of accuracy

For more information click here to see the video

Is there a short video I could watch that explains how to use my BGStar™ ?

Absolutely! Just click on the appropriate link below to learn more about your meter and how to use it.



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