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BGStar™ Diabetes Management Software

You said you wanted more support, living with diabetes

Reports - Standard Day

You asked for a blood glucose (also known as blood sugar) management tool that allows you to connect with your health professional* to work together to proactively manage your diabetes. We listened and developed the BGStar™ Diabetes Management Software to give you and your health professional the flexibility to collaborate in making better-informed diabetes-related decisions.

Blood glucose results at a glance

Reports - Log Book

The BGStar™ Diabetes Management Software lets you know how well your blood glucose is controlled.

The software has an easy-to-use interface that allows data to be quickly displayed and easily managed, providing you with a logbook, statistics, trends and a whole lot more.

Reports - Statistic

You can share your personal diabetes information with your health professionals to help them analyze patterns and glucose variations. You can then store and print your results, or share them by email*. It’s that simple.

You decide what you want to see

Daily Digest – Single User

The BGStar™ Diabetes Management Software is highly customizable allowing you to have quick and easy access to the information you find most helpful. For simplicity, Your Daily Digest™ contains all the key information you want viewed from your home page. The favourite reports setting even allows you to view and print only those reports you want. With dynamic report features you can change the display parameters in real time to focus on specific portions of your blood glucose results. The comment section in your log book allows you to provide context for any unusual results providing an in-depth breakdown of your blood glucose management.

A high performance program for doctors

Daily Digest – Multi Patient

The BGStar™ Diabetes Management Software offers the ability to view expert reports that have been designed with the help of health professionals, so you know they’re getting the detailed information they need. With this software, professionals can easily manage your information with advanced features allowing them to provide high-quality, specialist care.


Confidently manage your diabetes together

Reports - Glucose Trend

Using the BGStar™ Diabetes Management Software you simply upload data from your BGStar™ to your PC where it can be conveniently organized.
Most importantly, with BGStar™ Diabetes Management Software, you and your health professional have all your data quickly and easily displayed to identify blood glucose patterns.

So you can feel more confident to take charge of life with diabetes.  


For information on how to obtain your BGStar diabetes software, please contact us at 1-888-852-6887.


* Information sharing requires the permission of your health professional.

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