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The blood glucose meter with advanced technology for the accuracy that helps give you confidence.

BGStar™ uses Dynamic Electrochemistry®  to help ensure accurate results and support decision making.

How is blood glucose measured?

Blood glucose meter typically measures the glucose (also know as blood sugar) in your blood by sending an electrical signal through a blood sample. This signal is then returned to the blood glucose meter as an output signal to be processed into a numerical glucose level. This number is used to measure how well your diabetes is being managed so the accuracy of the blood glucose result is important to make better-informed diabetes-related decisions.


What can affect the accuracy of blood glucose results?

There are many factors that can cause variations between actual blood glucose and the result that is seen in a blood glucose meter.

Blood glucose results distortion

Sampling factors

  • The amount of red blood cells in blood (called hematocrit levels) can vary from person to person, throughout the day and can also be affected by medicines and supplements
  • Testing at alternate sites can cause a variation

Environmental factors

  • Altitude and temperature can both create variations

Manufacturing factors

  • No two test strips are identical and variations between lots can exist

What is Dynamic Electrochemistry®?

Dynamic Electrochemistry® is an advanced technology which extracts a spectrum of information from the blood that is inaccessible to traditional electrochemical methods. This method compensates for many interfering factors that can often distort blood glucose results, helping to ensure accurate and reliable blood glucose readings.

A complex signal detects and corrects common errors for accurate performance

Dynamic Electrochemistry® in BGStar™ and iBGStar™

Because the BGStar™ analyzes each individual blood sample, the results are personalized to you to help ensure you have accurate results to make better-informed decisions in managing diabetes.

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